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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides fast,  flexible and familiar business software that gives worldwide organizations the applications and tools they need to improve marketing, sales, and customer service efficiency and effectiveness. Power your business growth with Microsoft Dynamics CRM . This highly flexible customer relationship management (CRM) system gives users the  ability to create a holistic view of each customer, from initial contact through post sales and service. Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software also  provides the Power of Choice to make it easy for you to evolve your business unencumbered by technology limitations.

Because it is built using reliable industry-standard technology,  Microsoft Dynamics CRM easily adapts, grows, and scales right along with your business. Native Microsoft Office Outlook® experience coupled with  a solid analytics platform means that Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you attain rapid user adoption, adapt to market changes, deliver products faster, and achieve a fast return on investment.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a host of new features, enhancements, and capabilities that can empower your entire organization. The improvements in Microsoft Dynamics CRM enable your organization to:

enhanCE UsabiliTy Encourage user adoption and enable people to work more productively  by providing a CRM solution with a familiar, intuitive user interface.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers CRM functionality and data as an  extension of Microsoft Office Outlook so users can work in an environment they already use and understand.

sTREaMlinE bUsinEss PRoCEssEs Promote consistent, rapid execution of marketing, sales, and service processes with an extensive platform and workflow tools. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides exceptional access to design tools built for end users, power users, and administrators so they can build custom solutions that streamline  everyday processes and capture best practices.

REPoRT wiTh EasE Turn CRM data into actionable insight with wizard-based tools that enable end users to create sophisticated reports without the assistance of the IT  department. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives people rapid, relevant access