You Know It As Well As We Do!

Who you buy your next financial or customer relationship software system from

is as important as the system you buy!

When you partner with consultants to redesign your financial system or customer relationship management system, you put your trust, and your irreplaceable financial, marketing, and sales data, in the hands of strangers.  If you are going to trust us with something so valuable, we believe you should choose a firm that stands out among consultants.  Hudson River Computing, Inc. stands out!

We offer:

A Long History with Proven Results Hudson River Computing, Inc. is a professional financial system consulting firm.  Our expertise is implementing financial and customer relationship management systems which improve clients' businesses and daily operations.  Whether helping clients to work faster, smarter, or with more financial control, Hudson River Computing, Inc. helps improve internal operations and long-term competitiveness.   Hudson River Computing, Inc.  has more than twenty-five years experience implementing software systems for companies throughout New York, Massachusetts and Vermont.  Our clients range from small organizations to multinational corporations and government agencies.  However, whatever industry or company size, our goal with all clients is the same:  help improve day to day business performance.

Choice and Customization Many software resellers offer you only one software system.  If that product doesn’t meet your needs, you'll have to make do.  At Hudson River Computing, Inc., we offer more than one solution to meet your needs. We offer you choice and customization.  We know that one system simply cannot work for every company, so we represent the two most powerful ‘off-the-shelf’ accounting systems available for the mid-range market:  Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica.  After choosing the system that is most appropriate, we will customize the system to meet your unique requirements.  This could mean customizing input screens and reports, developing add-on programs, or integrating your other software systems.  Whatever customization is needed, the end result is an enterprise wide accounting system which provides you with powerful access to real time financial data.

Multi-level Expertise Many system consultants offer a background in the software they represent, but have no understanding of the internal business system you are trying to improve.  At Hudson River Computing, Inc., our implementers, trainers and programmers are chosen because they not only have a strong technical background, but an in-depth knowledge of business and accounting practices.  When you choose Hudson River Computing, Inc., you work with computer savvy technicians who not only understand how to correctly install your system, but also the business implications of its most effective usage.

We understand how your business works!  Not only because we want to, but because we have to.  In order to create the best system for you, we must understand your business, internal operations and industry. With years of experience implementing accounting systems, Hudson River Computing, Inc. has developed an in-depth perspective on the daily operations of firms in a wide variety of industries.  This understanding helps us more quickly gain insight into your unique operations and helps us make recommendations to make business more competitive.

We take our own advice.  Or more specifically, we use our own software.  Every day and just as much as you do.  This gives us the added advantage of experiencing (as an end user!) exactly what you’ll go through with your new system.  If you are having a problem with your system, chances are we have had the same problems, and even better, a way to fix it.  Our implementers and trainers know the “ins and outs” of the system that you only learn with day to day use.


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